Individual Counselling

I offer a space for you to explore the ‘real you’, the person who you would like to be.
It can be hard at times to own your sense of self, and not the version of you that others in your life need you to be.

How much of your life do you live being unaware of who you are, why you do the things you do, why you face the struggles that you face?

£60 per session


What can I help with?

Key Relationships

Relationships can be the source of a stress, being with someone can cause individuals to be vulnerable, scared and always on edge. Therapy can help to explore the relation that you have with yourself, and understand how this relationship sets the tone for other relationships in your life.


We can all sometimes suffer traumatic experiences in our lives. It can be helpful to talk through these experiences to see if it is possible to make some sense of our childhoods, and the imprints these early experiences have left on us.


Sometimes our emotions can become overwhelming and we cannot see a way to get through to the other end. Not being able to understand why we can become angry or sad for no apparent reason. Therapy can help to understand this compulsion to repeat unhelpful destructive behavior patterns so that we can try to be different.

Life Changes/Bereavement

A diagnosis of any kind can be difficult to accept, for the individual and their family members, it can change your identity immediately. Faced with complicated grief or medical diagnosis, painful emotions can be so long lasting and severe that you have trouble recovering from them and resuming your own life.

Cultural Identity

So, do you sometimes feel you do not fit in, or are you changing parts of yourself so that people do not see you as different? Sometimes we can dislike parts of ourselves that make us different. Therapy can be a place where intersections can be explored in a safe place, acceptance can be found and be nurtured to grow.


Sometimes life can feel like a cage and whilst it can feel unbearable, the fear of not knowing what is on the other side can keep us stuck. Therapy can sometimes be a safe space to talk.

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